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Prayer time in ISRI Masjid: 64 Main Street, New York, NY, 10044, USA
Seven minutes after sunset


22 : 15


Jummah prayer is held at 1:15 pm. Please note this time changes depending on the sunlight hours.
Ramadhan Activities

Taraweeh prayers are held in the mosque during Ramadan starting with the first night of Ramadan. Tarawih is a voluntary night prayer performed only in Ramadan. This is a highly recommended Sunnah.


Welcome to the

Islamic Society of Roosevelt Island (ISRI) Masjid

Daily Salat, Jummah and Eid Prayers

As-salamu alaykum! Regular five daily prayers, Jumah prayers and Eid prayers are organized at the ISRI Masjid both for brothers and sisters.
Our mosque provides a serene and welcoming space for congregational prayers, allowing you to connect with fellow members of the community and strengthen your bond with Allah.

Quran Class

Join Us for Quran Classes for Children Every Friday and Saturday! We are excited to announce that our Quran classes for children are now open for enrollment! At ISRI Masjid, we believe in nurturing a love for the Quran and Islamic teachings. Our dedicated instructors provide engaging and interactive lessons designed to help children develop a deeper understanding of the Quran, learn essential Islamic principles, and foster a strong connection with their faith.

But Allah is your protector,

and He is the best of helpers.

Surah Ale Imran, 3 :150

Serving Community

Salah & Jummah

Five-time daily salat al-Jamat and Jummah prayers are held at the ISRI Masjid.

Eid Prayers

Eid Prayer is organized by ISRI Masjid at Roosevelt Island. The time, date and place of Eid prayers is given on the "Announcements" page.


We do not collect Zakat at ISRI Masjid.

Quran Learning

Join Us for Quran Classes for Children Every Friday and Saturday!


We do not organize funeral and burial services. However, if you are in need of these services, we can provide you with contact information for reputable providers in the area.


We do collect Sadaq Al-Fitr at the Masjid premises only.


We do not provide any type of scholarships. However, Quran learning is provided with a small fee or free if needed.

Do you live in Roosevelt Island, New York, NY 10044? Join our community.